Matt & Vicky Bary opened this Buy Here Pay Here Dealership back 2009, after witnessing how badly people with poor credit were treated while trying to buy a vehicle.

The basic moto of the store is that you CAN do business without having to use the lies and games other dealers use as a selling tactics. There are a lot of good people out there that had a rough patch and they should have the right to drive a decent vehicle and be treated with respect.


: Vicky

Boss Lady! Vicky loves spending time with her kids, cooking and watching movies.


: Matt

Matt Loves motorcycles, playing with his kids and photography.


: Armando

Armando helps run the front office. his hobbies are playing soccer, driving his 370Z and spending time with his better half.


: Sergio

Sergio is a devoted father, and he guy that helps keep the lot in tip-top shape.


: Cesar

Cesar runs the back office. he loves hiking, camping and spending time in the great outdoors



Shelly is our payments and insurance lady. She loves spending time with her kids and eating chocolates ...



Vanya is our latest edition to the team and don't let her calm voice confuse you - she's here to keep the rest of us in order